Spotlight On: Bargain Beauty Buys

It is a widely agreed upon fact that the typical, college-aged beauty junkie has too little money and too much to buy. My personal solution is simple.

Style Icon: A Tribute to Sonia Rykiel

Fashion lost an irreplaceable icon last week. The unanimously recognized “queen of knitwear,” Parisian pioneer Sonia Rykiel redefined women’s clothing.

Spotlight On: Concentrations and their Clothes

A large part of fashion is also incorporating ideas and looks from those seen around you. This article plays on the stereotypes of majors and their students to elicit a few laughs and additions to your ever-growing wish list.

Alternatives to Prep

If you’re going to go preppy, you might as well add your own flavor to the standard items.

Spotlight On: Lawnparties for Men

With Lawnparties nearing, the annual challenge arises: how do you manage to find an outfit that is the right balance of ridiculous preppy, and true to your own style roots?

Spotlight On: The Thirst for New Accessories

When we think of accessories, there seems to be a series of answers to which everyone gravitates. A clutch, small bag, maybe a travel pack or luggage tags, your awesome phone case. But what about your water bottle?