image14162stripe-photo-1img_0597image3img_0494-2img_0578stripe-photo-2img_0308Earlier this semester we explored the rise of genderless fashion in both fashion-fashion brands such as Zara and ASOS, as well as established designers like Yves St. Lauren and Gucci. Nevertheless, in spite of their efforts to mirror shifting societal views away from a binary and toward a spectrum view of gender, we found that many retailers were playing things too safe, and had managed to deter shoppers from the significance of their lines by simply making the clothes too dull. This shoot serves to identify the wider range of options in Androgyny, as Stripe explores the never-ending options that await the future.

As always, we’d like to extend our gratitude to the Nearly New shop, at 234 Nassau St. for their continuous encouragement and support of our photo shoots by providing us with their clothes and thus enabling our work.

Photographers: Nora S., Janette L.
Designer/Editor: Sherry R., Henry Z., Mariam I.
Stylists: Taylor K., Sophie G., Victoria P., Henry Z.
Make Up: Helena K., Sophie G., Mariam I.
Models: Isabel L., Winston P., Theodore G., Maxwell G., Sherry R.


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