Holy Grail: Chanel Spring ’08 Ready-To-Wear Gold Logo Split Heel Pump

We kick off this new series as a result of a question Henry, our Photoshoots Editor, once asked: If you could have any item of fashion in the world, barring price or exclusivity, what would it be?

The answer for me, as I think it does for many avid followers of the fashion world, comes to mind immediately. My sartorial grail is a pair of Chanel heels worn only once during the Spring Ready-to-Wear 2008 collection, the Gold Logo Split Heel Pump, as seen in Lady Gaga’s 2008 music video for her song LoveGame, from The Fame album.

This music video was, in fact, the first and last place I had seen the shoes. Ironically, they never seemed to gain any fame outside of Gaga’s album. Unbeknownst to me until doing some research, Michelle Trachtenberg wore them to the opening of the Los Angeles Chanel boutique in May of 2008. Though it is not clear in the image, upon close inspection of her shoes, the gold glimmer is recognizable (she’s also been tagged online as having worn them). Gaga herself was spotted wearing them in January of 2009 while arriving at Heathrow.

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But otherwise, for such a wearable shoe and famous designer, they disappeared from the radar rather quickly.

That, however, does not correspond to them having disappeared from my radar. These Chanel heels are simple, stylish, timeless, and seemingly non-too-painful to function in, an assumption I’ll make given the relatively generous platform height, the thickness of the heel itself, and the visual appearance of the quality of the leather.

And perhaps most importantly to me personally, they represent a moment in which I began to find a deep appreciation for fashion. Seeing a similar motif reappear in the most recent Spring/Summer Fashion Week with Anthony Vaccarello’s Logo Heel for Yves St. Laurent was a moment of realization and a happy memory.

So thank you, Chanel Gold Logo Split-Pump; you may not have captivated the world, but you did me.


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