The Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute presents the collaboration between man and technology in today’s haute-couture and avant-garde fashion in its Spring 2016 exhibition “Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology”.

Spotlight On: Concentrations and their Clothes

A large part of fashion is also incorporating ideas and looks from those seen around you. This article plays on the stereotypes of majors and their students to elicit a few laughs and additions to your ever-growing wish list.

Alternatives to Prep

If you’re going to go preppy, you might as well add your own flavor to the standard items.

Art as Fashion

How is fashion influenced by the works of art that change us? How is art influenced by fashion? Or are they one and the same?


From armadillo heels to the flat sneaker, fashion embraces athletic clothes like we’ve never seen before.


The end of shabby-chic has arrived, and with it we ring in the new look: luxury

Intense Eyes

Scarves and hoods can serve two purposes: to keep you warm, and show off your best feature.


A series of looks complimenting the change in seasons.