Stylish Superlatives: The Oscars 2017 Edition

It is (or should be) a truth universally acknowledged that, no matter how wonderful a snarky tweet may seem, it could never compare to the beauty of one perfectly draped piece of satin.


Following up on an article from earlier this semester, we seek to explore how clothing is conventionally associated with one gender or another.

Holy Grail: Gold Mary Janes

The shot lingers on her gold Mary Jane shoes for a while — that is, long enough for 14-year-old-me to fall helplessly in love with them. Sigh.

The Ethics of Fast Fashion

It’s easy to shrug my shoulders and say that I don’t really have a choice in where I shop, but while I may have fewer choices than those who have more economic stability than I do, there are existent alternatives, if I’m willing to be more conscious and thoughtful.

Sick Style

Sick? Stressed? Don’t worry – you can still look good and feel comfortable.